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About us
Passionate winegrowers
Born in the heart of the Douro, we get excited when we speak of it, the beauty of the landscapes, the genuineness and friendliness of its people and the quality and uniqueness of its wines.

We are increasing and improving a few hectares of vines, some from our grandparents already. The idea comes from afar but only in 2012, we met the conditions to start the project, small, with great care and attention and with the collaboration of professionals, good friends, competent and innovative.

We believe that talking about the Douro wine, should also include the region, the vineyards, the people, the culture, that's where the name Chronicle comes from. This thinking is reflected in our first wine, Chronicle Red 2012 and will continue in the following ones. Each wine has its own story, starting on the bottle label and finishing on the website. Chronicle 2012 has its own, that carries the taster to the Douro vineyard environment where it was born, trying to create a richer tasting experience.

Likewise, we want this website to be a regular and informal means of communication.

About Us
Passionate Winegrowers
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