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2015's Harvest
October 2015
2015 viticultural year was very dry, with very low precipitation levels. The Spring period between March and June was simultaneously the hottest and driest period for 36 years and flowering and veraison took place around 1 week earlier than normal.

However, July and August were cooler than average and this was very important to the vines, as due to dry conditions, serious dehydration would have happened. Early September, the grapes were in excellent condition and maturation controls were showing for us, that we need to wait some more time. Harvest started earlier than normal for the majority of Producers and as September was passing, we felt the usual doubt and anxiety should we harvest or should we wait some more time? And if it starts raining?

We decided to wait, our vines are at an altitude between 350 and 400 meters and we felt that especially Touriga Franca would benefit for some more time as ripening seemed to be very slow and not ideal. In fact, there was heavy rain on Tuesday 15th September and on the morning of the 16th but sunny and windy days that helped to dry the grapes.

As expected, vines absorbed the water and dilution in berries followed. We had to wait some more days and we started harvest on the 28th September.

In de Adega we confirmed the quality of the grapes, with great color and flavours.

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