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Linha 1 2019 Red

Chronicle Wine
At the heat radiated from the stones beneath his furry white paws, the rabit made long graceful leaps to a giant silver thermos sitting precariously next to the old olive tree. Looking both right, the left, the rabit smiled a toothy grin before wedging his nose under a ripe grape, balancing it precariously, and then quickly darting under...

2022's Harvest
The cycle started with some delay due to the winter low temperatures, but developed to normal during the spring. As the summer progressed, we confirmed that we were facing a particularly difficult year, not only in the Douro region but throughout the country. In addition to an annual accumulation of precipitation well below the average, the season was extremely warm and dry, with very extensive heat waves and record high temperatures (a new maximum for the month of July recorded in Pinhão of 47 degrees).

Linha 1 2019 Red

Producer | Amilcar R. Lopes
Region | Douro, Vila Nova de Foz Côa
Vineyards | Carvalha  (Altitude: 350 - 400 mts)
Grapes | Touriga Nacional (60%) and Touriga Franca (40%)
Enology | Pedro Hipólito
Fermentation | Concrete
Ageing | Alcohol | 13%
Bottling | July, 2020
Closing | Natural Cork
Aeging potential | up to 8 years

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